Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 6

I am sad to say the semester is already half way over and the first group in Lego class had their last day.  We did an extra long speed-build time, anything of their choice.  We reviewed some of our presenting skills and our audience skills, and shared our builds.  We then played one more round of Minifig Tower.

Week 5 Challenge was to build a Zip Line.  Here are the submissions. Wow, I wish I were mini fig sized so I could play on them!

Way to go M. B.!

Week 6 Challenge: build something SCARY! This can be what you are scared of, or what you think others would be scared of. It can be creepy, or it can be daunting, or it can be surprising, or it can be intimidating... anything in the realm of scary ;-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weeks 4 and 5

Hello, Lego Fans!  Sorry for the delay in posting.  During week 4 I was gone, but the kids worked on building bridges in class, and playing Lego Bingo.  This week we learned a new build technique for double-sided legos.  We also spent some time working on monochromatic builds, and playing a new Lego board game.  The members of our class are getting really good at sharing their builds, and working with the limited number of Legos they have to use.

The Week 3 Challenge was to build a habitat.  Here are some great builds!

Dog House by M. B.

Marsh by F. A.

Yeti Habitat by Z. A.

The Week 4 Challenge was to make a Lego Game.  Here was a sole submission - way to go M. B. !!

Six Rainbow Numbers

Week 5 Challenge

This week's challenge is to build a Lego Zip Line.  Have fun!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Legos Week 3

I am continually impressed by my amazing class members! We had fun building mazes out of Lego this week, and walking around the room looking at each other's mazes.  Then we spoke a bit about the interlocking brick technique, and three different techniques for building a rounded wall. We also got to see an example of Lego stop-animation.  I will post links in a few weeks when the games and legos groups switch.

In the mean time here are the submissions from the Week 2 Challenge: Something that looks like it is growing or coming out of the ground. Please leave compliments for our brick masters in the comments section!

Volcano Temple Duel by F. A.

Zombie by M. B.

Bare Scare by N. H.

Funky Fruit Tree by S. A.

Week 3 Challenge

Build a habitat.  This can be a real wild habitat, a habitat for a pet, a habitat for an imaginary creature... you name it! Try to remember the important things a being needs in its habitat.  And have fun!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Legos Week 2

We had another inventive week in Legos class.  Our speed build was a creature - real or imaginary - and there were some great designs.  We worked on loosening up our jaws so that we could open our mouths a little wider and annunciate more clearly.  I am very proud of all the sharing, positive comments, and good questions that happened in class!  We also played two rounds of Lego Bingo, where the kids created their own Bingo boards out of Lego pieces.

Week 1 Challenge Results - Build something to do with Summer

Here are the submissions. Nice work!  Feel free to leave positive comments about these amazing builds.
Beach Scare by N. H.
Fishing by M. B.

alternate view by M. B.

(guest submission) Bird in Nest by Z. A.

Hotdog by S. A.

Week 2 Challenge: Build something that looks as if it is growing (or coming) out of the ground!   

If you would like to include a title or a caption for your photo please include it in the email. Happy Building!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hi Parents and Kids,

We had so much fun playing the Game of Graces, hula hoop, and rolling wooden hoops across the parking lot.  Circles and hoops were definitely the theme!

This Thursday the kids chose to play Battleship and Chess.  I would like to have multiple games going simultaneously, but I have only one Battleship set.  I am hoping other families have Chess or Battleship sets that we can borrow for the afternoon.  Please call me at 253-471-9237 if you do.

Thank you,


Friday, September 12, 2014

Legos Week 1

This week in class we worked on our first Speed Build.  Each class we will have around 15 minutes to do a theme-based build, then share our builds with others in class.  Our theme this week was "Something about Me."  We had a lot of great builds and some great presenting, and good audience involvement.  

We will build our communication skills, like annunciation, projection, eye contact, posture and body language, each week.  We will also build our listening skills, including asking good questions, complimenting, and giving constructive feedback.  We have other fun things to do in class as well!

One thing the kids can do at home if they choose is the Weekly Challenge.  They have all week to complete the Weekly Challenge and submit a photo (and caption if they prefer) to my email address (see FILA class web info page for address).  We will share photos on this blog.  I already have a couple of submissions from this week (way to go!), and I will posts all the photos for Week 1 challenge next Friday.  The Weekly Challenge is extended to ALL class members (including those who are doing games for the first half of the semester).

Week 1 Challenge

Build something with a summer theme! The end of summer is here, and there must have been something you did, wished to have done, ate, watched, read, or imagined this summer.  Maybe a Lego pool with Lego swimmers?  Maybe a Lego camping scene?  Lots of possibilities here!

Also, please remember DO NOT BRING ANY LEGOS TO CLASS!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Legos and Games

Hello Class!

It was fabulous to meet you all last Thursday! I am looking forward to a great semester with lots of fun.  It seems a LOT of people are looking forward to the same.  Our class has such great enrollment that we need to split into two groups.  But don't worry, that only means we get to do more for things in class this semester!  In the beginning one group will work with Miss Kim, and learn and play great games, and the second group will work with Miss Shannon learning Legos.  Half way through the semester we will switch, so that each group can do both Legos and Games.  Below you will find the names of students in each group.  Group 1 will begin with Miss Kim doing games, and Group 2 will begin with Miss Shannon doing Legos.  This Thursday we will all meet in the same room, the Chapel.  Please email Miss Shannon if you have any questions or concerns.

See you Thursday!

Group 1

Group 2